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My Experience at Taxila Business School

"If there's no struggle, there's no success" and I'm a firm believer of this ideology. It's been 6months here in Taxila filled with amazing memories, Uber learning and awesome trips. Here, our drill starts from morning 9o'clock till midnight and the institution tries to test you in every possible parameter. Taxila has come up with a unique pedagogy that prepares you for corporate work culture and also impart professionalism. Then those MANCOMM session will help you polish your communication skills and teach you how to handle workload. Apart from that, we have an Incubation Center for Startups to help the budding entrepreneurs.

We also went to Nehru Institute of Technology, Coimbatore for our Student Exchange Programme for a week. The stay there was very soothing and we got to learn a variety of things about their culture. I personally attended an annual meeting of the Rotary Club for the very first time in my career.

We've done a variety of projects in this tenure. Firstly, we did a live project with TripAdvisor where we were supposed to register some local hotels with them and paste their stickers. We also did a capacity assessment project with Airport Authority of India. We've also organized a talk show where we invited all the B-Schools in Jaipur. Miss Anuranjita Kumari, MD, Citi South Asia, was the keynote speaker who embraced the audience by her corporate work experience and the prevailing HR policies. She also talked about her newly published best seller, "Can I have it all". Apart from that, we also organized a Job Fair where we handled the crowd of more than 1000 people.

Lastly, I just want to say that I've learned a lot from this college in such a short tenure. Not only from the faculties but from my seniors as well and will continue to do the same!


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