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Experience at Taxila Business School

It's been only 5 months in taxila and got so much exposer in this last 5 months, my life totally got charged now because taxila not only teaches us but train us for the real world, It has its unique way of teaching which people get shocked after knowing it we have morning 9 to midnight non-stop classes which you never find in any B school, I know it sound quirky but yes it's true because this is the best thing which makes us different from the others thats why we are Taxilian's. Our lectures are taken by the real businessman and the corporate guys so that we can get real knowledge of real world. We don't stop here only on the weekends we had real live projects and research work to do because practical knowledge is most important thing which taxila mainly focus on. There are so so many things to say for my college for my Taxila but in short I just want to say if you are on in Taxilia you are missing something. Proud to be Taxilian