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Experience in Taxila Business School

My Taxila experience
Their is a saying "Success doesn't come from your comfort zone" . Taxila Business School has its own uniqueness which makes this B school one of the best whether it has Dean Sir’s surprise assignments. 9 A.M. to 9 P.M.
most people say that we are mad but the truth is that this is the time where we can put our best efforts and become super successful that’s why we are Taxilian.
my mentor Mr. Kishore Sharma Sir and Ms. Anuradha Mehta ma’am who are always there for us for solving our problems, doesn’t matter what time is that and my friends or I would say my family, I built so many unbreakable relations in Taxila.
In a short span of 3 months I may very well have given over 50 presentations, organized events, did market surveys, Invited students for events, Sold vegetables. Said all these what did I Learned from these activities?
Taxila makes to think BeyondEducation. Its giving a tremendous exposure of the corporate world. If I missed Taxila I would have missed a something BIG.
I learned despite attending 12 hours of classes I have time for my work and for myself .
College life is fun when you have awesome friends, Amazing seniors and outstanding faculties who are always their to guide you.
Party a lot, Eat , Study a lot , Organize a lot, Achieve a lot.