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Experience in Taxila

Taxila Business School Beyond Education my dream college, I am very lucky to join Taxila Business School. That time I was actually not aware and searching for a good college when I heard about taxila than I decide to join Taxila . Like my other classmates I never went to Taxila before for any pre-campus visit to see how the infrastructure and all is. But I was convinced that I'm going to join Taxila for my PGDM.
9 A.M. to 9 P.M. 12 hours classes after that man comm and other activities as well.It was a awesome experience till the date I had. And all those activities given by our dean Mr. Rajat Bohra like trip advisor, selling vegetables and books, inviting students from different colleges for attending an event.
Different events organized at our college like job fair and a book lunch by Dr. Anuranjita Kumar. We all coordinated those events which actually boosted up our motivation level. Like to mention one name Mr. Kishor Sharma sir Mrs. Anuradha ma’am always motivated us in every situation to tackle problems. Mr. Akhilesh Trivedi for creating an entrepreneurial mind set in us.
Over all it is an experience that I probably never going to forget in my life.
Thank you Taxila.
Proud to be TAXILIAN