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Experience in Taxila Business School

My experience inTaxila Business School within 3 months, Taxila Business School beyond Education my dream college, I am very lucky to join Taxila Business School. Here I've learnt a lot of things like studying for 12 hours which developed a time management skills in me,through Mancomm I developed Presentation skill, The highly successful corporate faculties which give proper training to and also Practical Knowledge and their implications with different Projects, Case studies and market research,here we learn to organize different events and how to coordinate different program like we have Taxila Corporate Talks etc. We have our own startup incubation centre like startups den and guiding everyone for successful commencement of their dream business.
We enjoyed every moment in this college Dance parties, Pool parties etc.Best place for great opportunity for success and I feel proud to be a part of taxila.
Its right if you are not in taxila business school you are missing something big. Over all it is an experience that I probably never going to forget in my life.
Thank you Taxila.
Proud to be TAXILIAN