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Experience in Taxila Business School

Taxila Business School

This is one of the best B-schools in the country. The college has a great campus life, and the infrastructure is really awesome. Talented peer group helps in enhanced learning. Opportunities are huge and the pedagogy is developed to train students into world class professionals.
Coming to my time in Taxila, It is amazing. We have 12-hour classes.. Spanning from 9am to 9pm. Because of the hard work and gaining getting the knowlwdge. This class hours is required to condition our mind and body for the coming rigorous corporate lives.
Here we get many exposure to different knowledge, subjects and many more. The faculties engaged in teaching us are so amazing that they make our 12-hours class time smooth and enjoyable.
Also I have:
- learned team work and coordination for achievement of goals and targets.
- learned how to analyse the problems and provide a solution to it by brainstorming and discussion.

Proud to be Taxilian.