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Taxila business school my experience

I am feeling very lucky to join Taxila Business School Taxila Business School has its own uniqueness which makes this B school one of the best whether it has Dean Sir’s surprise assignments. 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. classes, late night man comm, projects and survey make Taxila different from other B schools, most people say that we are mad but the truth is that this is the time where we can put our best efforts and become super successful that’s why we are Taxilian. There are lots of activities like selling vegetables, inviting students from other colleges for attending seminar of Mrs. Arunjita Kumar and managing job fair and the most important thing is my relations which I built here with my faculty members, my mentor Mr. Kishore Sharma Sir and Ms. Anuradha Mehta ma’am who are always there for us for solving our problems, doesn’t matter what time is that and my friends or I would say my family, I built so many unbreakable relations in Taxila. We study hard, we do party hard and we swim a lot. If you not a Taxilian believe me you are missing something.