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    Study 1
    “Factors influencing consumer’s online shopping behavior with special reference to organized retail”.


    Saha Amit, Researched on “A Study on “The impact of online shopping upon retail trade business”, OBJECTIVES:
     To study the effect on profitability of retail stores due to the advent of e-stores.
     To analyze the effect upon pricing patterns of retail stores in recent times.
     To analyze the change in business pattern to achieve customer satisfaction.

     There is a negative impact on the physical retail industry with the advent of online retail.
     Consumers consider convenience factor before making the buying decision.
     Retailers are concentrating on service related augmentation of product offerings.
    REFRENCE '15_MBA/2/25-MBA-145.pdf

    Study 2

    Digital india a need of hour
    By Jinal jani, girish tere

    • Infrastructure as a utility to every citizen.
    • Digital empowerment of citizen.
    • Scope of digital India.

    • High speed internet, as a core utility, shall be made available with Public cloud shareable on private space. Bank account and Mobile phone would enable participation in digital and financial space at individual level.
    • Universal digital literacy. Transport ability of all entitlements through the Cloud for individuals. All digital resources available universally. All Government certificates /documents to be available on the Cloud.
    • Today India for a knowledgeable future by Developing central technology for allowing revolution which covers many departments under one umbrella program.

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      By Dr. S. Hariharaputhiran (March 2012) India

      Objective of the study:-
      1. To examine the challenges of E-commerce.
      2. To examine the opportunities of E-commerce.

      The research gives an overview of the challenges and opportunities of E-commerce in today’s world. With the comparison of various reviews it examines about the E-business, E-learning’s, E-commerce education integration. There are lots of opportunities in the E-commerce sector which is adopted in developed countries very well but in India it’s in developing stage like, EBay India etc. The study also raises various challenges faced by consumers like ethical issues, risk factor, and legal system etc. At last though E-commerce is adopted everywhere but the challenges are still present to be dealt with.
      By Komal Khalid Bhatti and Tahir Masood Qureshi (June 2007) Pakistan

      Objectives of the study:-
      1. To analyse employee participation on Job satisfaction, commitment and productivity in Pakistan telecommunication, Oil & Gas, and Banking sector organisation.
      2. To expose the scope of association between employee participation on job satisfaction, commitment and productivity.

      The study reflects the impact of employee participation on Job satisfaction, commitment and productivity in an organisation. The research was carried on in Pakistan along with sample of 34 organisation and data’s were collected through questionnaires which were coded numerically.

      The result of the study provides strong support for the existence of a positive relationship among the employees in an organisation to have job satisfaction, commitment and productivity. The study contributed a new direction to the organisation to adopt the culture which is basically lacking in Pakistan. The findings suggested that the level of commitment can be increased by increasing satisfaction with compensation policies, and work condition, input of the employees in decision making.
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        ROC 1

        Employee satisfaction refers to a collection of positive and/or negative feelings that an individual holds toward his or her job. Job Satisfaction is a part of life satisfaction. Employees who have higher job satisfaction are usually less absent, less likely to leave, more productive, more likely to display organizational commitment, and more likely to be satisfied with their lives .

        REVIEW OF LITERATURE The study of job satisfaction is a topic of wide interest to both people who work in organizations and people who study them. Job satisfaction has been closely related with many organizational phenomena such as motivation, performance, leadership, attitude, conflict, moral etc.

        Objectives of the Study
        The objective of the study is as follows:

        • To identify the factors which influence the job satisfaction of employees.
        •To identify the impact of employees’ job satisfaction on their performance.
        • To identify the factors which improve the satisfaction level of employees. Importance of Employee satisfaction for Various Stakeholders


        1. Policies of Compensation and Benefit • Salaries or wages • Bonus • Incentives such as medical allowance, educational allowance, HRA etc.

        2. Job Security:
        2. Working conditions:
        3. Relationship with Superior authority:
        4. Promotion and Career Development:
        5. Leadership Styles:
        6. Work group:
        7. Personal Variables:

        CONCLUSION On the basis of above collected data and analysis, we can say that employee attitudes typically reflect the moral of the company. In areas of customer service and sales, happy employees are extremely important because they represent the company to the public. Every organization should develop strategies that strengthen the work environment and increase the employee’s morale and employee’s satisfaction to Develop strategies to enhance employee performance and productivity, which ultimately results in high profits, customer satisfaction as well as customer retention. Policy makers and managers have turned their attention to provide different kinds of facilities to their employees in order to satisfy their employees.

        ROL 2

        A RESEARCH ABOUT BUYING BEHAVIOURS OF ONLINE CUSTOMERS the Internet is being widely used in daily life.

        The aim of this study is to investigate the factors that affect online purchasing behaviour of two consumer groups from two different countries, United Kingdom and Turkey. Moreover, it is also wanted to identify and analyse online buying habits of consumers in these countries.

        The internet technology, appearing during the last quarter of the 20th century and having been used frequently for few years in daily lives, has influenced all parts of our lives in a short time. The changings in technological area all over the world have changed the concept of information and communication. The use of internet for commercial purposes gave rise to the existence of the electronic commerce (e-commerce) phenomenon. With the implementation of these information and communication technologies by commercial institutions in order to support business activities, electronic business concept was developed.

        Factors that affecting Consumer Behaviours,

        Consumer Characteristics in the Online Medium

        a Personal Characteristics
        b Psychological Characteristics
        c Social Characteristics
        d Cultural Characteristics
        e Country Culture


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          Impact of Demonetization
          It is clearly identified that the peoples are not having positive impact on demonetization because they have suffered so many problems by this demonetization. Hence, the govt. should follow the precautionary motive hereafter in handling the same process. It means they should keep the adequate currencies in hand with secret, before announcing the demonetization
          1. stop black money
          2. terrorist activities
          3. fake currency notes

          Impact of GST
          “Goods and Service Tax For Indirect Tax System in India” and it is beneficial for central government , state government and as well as for consumers in long run if its implementation is backed by strong IT
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            1. This study is based in the employee turnover in the hospitality industry. The study is mainly focused on the employee turnover, the types of turnover, what are the reasons of the employee turnover, how it effect the organisation and how it can be controlled

            • To study about the employee turnover.
            • To find out the reasons behind it.
            • To find out how it can be controlled

            • There 4 types of turnover- voluntary, involuntary, internal, external.
            • Causes- organisational culture, unrealistic expectation, job characteristics, demography, the person himself, market size, employer.
            • It has both negative as well as positive effects both on the organisation.
            • Organisation follows many strategies to solve this problem and to reduce the turnover rate like: - achievement, power, affiliation, recognition etc.

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              Jitendra Kumar Singh and Dr. Mini Jain
              This study is conducted to understand to know that how employee performance is related to job satisfaction in a company.
              Objectives of the Study
              • To identify the factors that influences the job satisfaction of employees?
              • To identify impact of employees job satisfaction on their performance.
              • To identify the factors that improves the satisfaction level of employees?
              Employee performance is related to the job satisfaction because if employees are satisfied with their job then it will directly reflect in their performance they will give their 100 percent in their job and ultimately company will be benefited. Employee attitudes naturally reflect the moral of the company Job satisfaction signifies one of the most complex areas facing today’s managers when it comes to managing the employees. Policy makers and managers have turned their attention to provide different kinds of services to their employees in order to satisfy their employees. A good work environment and good work conditions can increase employee job satisfaction and the employees will try to give their best which can growth the employee work performance.

              A Study on Changing Trends in Online Shopping of Indian Consumers in Apparel Segment
              This study is conducted to understand the online shopping behavior of the consumers and to identify the factors influencing the busying behavior of customers.
              1. To examine the emerging trends in clothing shopping in India.
              2. To study the preference of the people in online shopping.
              1. People who belong to the age group 20-22 shop online more often than people of different age groups.
              2. People who are undergraduates shop online more often than a PG or any other qualified person.
              3. The respondent’s family income affects the online buying behavior.
              4. While shopping apparel online the respondents prefer that online retailer who has a better return rule and the ability to compare the products in the website that is the online site should be user friendly.
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                The Challenges and Opportunities of E-Commerce in India: Future Prospective Dr. P. Devaraju

                E-commerce is changing the way of transaction of product & services in India. E-commerce is prospect of shopping in future. Due to E-commerce the difference has been reduced between manufacturer & consumer. According to Indians, there is vast scope for e-commerce because currently in India only 19% people using internet for selling & buying goods & services so remaining percentage we can considered that we having scope in Indian Market. There are weak Cyber security Laws in India that is why Indian People are facing challenges towards e-commerce. The future of e-commerce in India would be bright in the upcoming years if all essential factors would be implemented, by establishing cyber & have their advantages as per people wish. It is the critical duty of govt. to provide a lawful framework for e-commerce so that while trade is allowed to grow their reach, rights such as privacy, intellectual property, prevention of fraud, consumer protection etc. are all taken care of. The expansion of e-commerce has been developed in rural as well as urban area in thought that people are able to bear cost for consumption, because of that more people are getting linked with ecommerce & the ratio of that is getting increase day by day.

                E-Commerce in India by Abhijit Mitra

                Several important scenarios are associated with e-commerce. E-Commerce has started yet another revolution, which is changing the way businesses exchange products and services. New methods have evolved. The role of geographic distances in forming corporate relationships are reduced. With the deployment of 4G wireless communication technologies, the internet economy will continue to grow robustly. In the next eight years, India will have to 90 million internet users which will equal, if not surpass, many of the developed countries. Internet economy will then become more powerful in India. With the rapid growth of internet, E-commerce is set to play a very crucial role in this century, the neo opportunities that will be thrown open will be accessible to both big and small companies. The role of state is to provide a legal framework for E-Commerce so that while national and international trade are allowed to expand their reach, basic rights such as privacy, intellectual property, elimination of fraud, consumer protection etc. are all taken care of.
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                  Review Of Literature – I

                  “A study on consumer awareness and determinants of online shopping”
                  -by Dr. R. Kavitha
                  (Assoc. Prof, Sakthi Institute of Information and Management Studies, Pollachi, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India)

                  Summary of the study:

                  With the rapid increase in internet users, many new marketers have landed on this platform. Recent data shows that, around 91% students have internet access. The study focuses on the awareness levels of the online users and determinants of online shopping, this means what are the aspects that the influences the users to buy online.

                  i. Know about the awareness levels of the online users.
                  ii. Know the benefits & determinants of online shopping.


                  Awareness on/about:
                  Terms and conditions: 29% highly aware
                  48% Aware
                  23% Not aware
                  Federal Trade Commission:
                  Yes: 69%
                  No: 31%
                  Dutuies of FTC:
                  Safeguard of customer 50%
                  Secure Customer 25%
                  Sell the product 21%
                  Other 4%

                  Benefits of online shopping
                  Time Saving 45%
                  Safety 12%
                  Quality 15%


                  The reasons that contribute to the growth of online shopping can be sourced to both husband and wife working, long working hour, traffic jam, door step delivery and ease of online transactions etc.

                  Review Of Literature – II
                  “Internet Usage By Rural & Urban Students: A comparative Study”
                  -by Fayaz Ahmed Loan

                  Summary of the study:
                  The study focuses on the internet usage by students from rural and urban locations.
                  Internet is the one-stop point for all the academics needs, communications or research.

                  Objective of the study:
                  The objective of this study is to compare the use of internet usage by rural and urban students.

                  Rural Urban
                  Daily Internet Usage: 21% 27%
                  Place of usage:
                  Cyber Café 18% 43%
                  College 21% 17%
                  Home 29% 24%

                  The students yet do not have proper access to internet facilities. The majority of students use internet at commercial cafes followed by their homes.
                  Both the category of respondents use internet for different purpose. Whereas urban student use it primarily for information, and rural students use internet mainly for education.
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