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    Who are these creatures?
    Entrepreneurs, the futuristic and one with motive to do something memorable. They never know when to give up. They know how to lead the world, they are derived through the inner motivation of being someone known to everyone. The zeal to do something unique motivates them and keep them alive. They take risks that an ordinary folk find almost impossible. They create value from nothing and most importantly derives value adds beyond money. They are the one with the ability of taking risk at wright time, with the full followup plan.


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      What drives them to take risks that ordinary folk find almost impossible?
      Yes it is well said that nothing is impossible. This is the only difference of being successful and being super successful. A super successful person always takes more risk because they are highly self motivated and very optimistic, impossible word does not exist in their dictionary.
      Let’s take a real life incident of a business tycoon Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani founder of Reliance Industries of India.
      On a very fine day Dhirubhai have to attend an urgent meeting in a different country for his business purpose he went to that place from his private jet and after reaching to the place he was going to that meeting place with his driver in a car and suddenly he saw a storm is coming on his way then his driver asked him that can he stop the car besides because the storm his huge then he replied keep driving and his driver follow his instructions and drove the car quietly and in the middle of their way the driver saw so many cars and vehicles were stop at the road side due to the storm then again the driver asked Dhirubhai can he stop the car because so many people on the road already stop their vehicles then again Dhirubhai told him to drive the car consistently and after driving for 4-5kms driver saw that there is no storm now and the weather is fine sun were also raising.
      Then Dhirubhai asked driver to stop the car and come outside and told that driver see behind and said “this are the person who saw the difficulty in their way and without fighting with that difficulties they lose their hope and take their step back.”
      Nothing is impossible only you are the one who can make this possible.


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        Where do the get that energy?

        When the pain is of hard work they have putted in chasing their dream that pain gives them the energy to work more hard to reach their destination.
        Every day at night when they sleep and try to memorise and realise that what they learn through out the day it gives them a happiness and moral boost. And a monstrous energy back them every day every hard work there in. They know that they did not born with a silver spoon but they put all their stamina and energy to make it large.

        There are many example I can quote the big personality I can name but its really tough to crack the level of self motivated energy they have. In the energy level they are son of lion.


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          "To the victors, who won since they didn't surrender."- Vijay Shekhar Sharma, originator of Paytm .

          The man, who dependably wears an inviting grin, stands consistent with each word he composed amid the most troublesome circumstances of his life. Vijay Shekhar Sharma possesses an organization whose present esteem is a little over $3 billion in the market in 2016, a fantasy envisioned when he was attempting to make a decent living with Rs 10 in pocket. However, he tasted triumph the most difficult way possible. Nothing came simple for him. The tears he holes up behind the chirpy self that he places up before the world couldn't be covered up for drawn-out period of time recalling his voyage. Strikingly, it was not discussing his disappointments that got tears his eyes; it was his well deserved triumph.

          Life tried him ideal from the earliest starting point of his voyage to end up plainly a standout amongst the most compelling individuals in the business world today. In spite of the fact that he passed his higher auxiliary when he was only 14 years of age, a kid wonder of sorts, enduring school was the primary extreme test he confronted when he exited the comfortable solace of his little main residence outside Aligarh and wandered into this present reality.

          A topper in his school, he was lost experiencing significant change in school Delhi College of Engineering. Originating from an extremely humble foundation (his dad was a profoundly principled, teacher, who declined to procure the additional buck through educational costs, since he put stock in what was the proper thing to do), Vijay did not know how to peruse and compose English for he finished his school instruction totally in Hindi, in his residential area. Be that as it may, he understood soon enough that to endure school he should begin taking in the dialect first and with the assistance of books, second hand magazines and his companions, he aced the dialect in a way which few can. His usual methodology was to peruse a Hindi form of the book all the while with the English-one, a propensity that guaranteed that he soon learnt to peruse two books in the meantime! Be that as it may, it was difficult without a doubt. The first-bencher in school gradually began floating towards the back seats, and in a brief time, was so debilitated and baffled with his awful evaluations, generally because of dialect requirements, that he totally quit going to school.

          "When WINning is about not surrendering.

          While doing all that you can, gets another significance."

          Attempting to learn English, survive the rigors of designing school and the enormous awful city that Delhi was, this regularly would be the time when numerous in his circumstance would have stopped. Vijay, notwithstanding, was something else. He chose to work, to utilize the time he had from 'not going to school' by turning a business person. A devotee to testing the obscure, he made the web his play area and Sabeer Bhatia and Yahoo his motivations. He sought to go to Stanford, since that was the place Yahoo was assembled, yet understanding his absence of monetary assets and his difficulties with the English dialect, he chose to copy a portion of the virtuoso at Stanford, by figuring out how to code without anyone else. He began building his own particular substance administration framework with some of his school mates, which went onto being utilized by a portion of the greatest news distributions including The Indian Express. It was likewise amid this time when he began his initially work at a MNC. He quit folloWINg six months and fabricated his very own organization with his companions. He at last passed his school examinations as well.
          This would likewise turn into the darkest time in his life, while having his fantasies of achieving the Silicon Valley broke, he was additionally left bankrupt by his accomplices, with whom he had quite recently started a business and raised the first round of subsidizing. In 2005, he had raised a powerful measure of Rs 8 lakhs through his wander of which he was conned off 40%. He was crushed. In any case, Vijay was not a man to surrender so effectively. He inhabited a lodging close Kashmiri Gate in Delhi, skipped dinners and strolled long separations to go to work or gatherings in the southern piece of the State.

          Infact having been through such intense circumstances, if there is a dread that the 'Press Man' of the startup biological system of India still harbors, it is that sometime in the not so distant future 'some obscure' will take away the greater part of his hardwork.

          Things took to a superior turn when he started One97, the parent organization of Paytm. They began exploring different avenues regarding the three essentials of web substance, publicizing and trade. Be that as it may, the huge eureka minute came in 2011 when he initially pitched entering the installment biological community before his board. The board was not persuaded, as he was looking at wagering the organization's cash on a non-existent market.

          "Some other business person would have sold the value and began their own organization. Yet, I seek to construct a 100 year old organization. I imagine that men and young men are distinctive in light of the fact that the young men flip and offer. Men run and assemble inheritances," Vijay said.

          So he put 1% of his value, which was about $2 million around 2011, on the table and stated, "This is for every one of you, on the off chance that I squander the cash that we put on the site." He includes, "There is unpleasant in doing what others request that you do, the genuine fun is in doing what individuals say you can't do."

          Also, it is with this conviction that the main symbol of Paytm, Pay Through Mobile, was conceived, going quickly onto turning into the folloWINg enormous thing of the startup biological community in India. Also, from that point forward it was failing to look back.

          The mystery behind this lofty curve is the trust he worked with his clients which none other gave as much incentive to some time recently. Indeed, even before Vijay started the take off of his web wallet administrations , he initially assembled a solid 24x7 client mind administration to address the stresses of clients to empower them to believe the wallet enough to put their cash under the control of the obscure. "30% of the organization's battle spending plan is put resources into building trust with the client. For us it was the absolute most critical variable," says Vijay, with a profound pride in what he has manufactured up until now.

          "We proliferated through verbal once the trust was assembled. I have a firm conviction that the most genuine relationship test comes when one experiences an anxiety case. This makes our association with our clients exceptional and interesting than the rest. We likewise propelled in Twitter and Facebook so that when a client whined, we got back with a quick reaction and offer assistance. Trust is the mystery equation which worked for us, however there were 30 different licenses officially accessible in the market like Mobikwik."

          Sponsored by customer trust, Paytm's fantastic adventure to the highest point of the web wallet market is presently a piece of startup old stories, yet what is unkown is that Paytm likewise ended up noticeably one of a modest bunch organizations worldwide to secure Series A financing surpassing a few $100 mn. They have done just a solitary round of subsidizing till now with Alibaba, SAIF and Alipay.

          "I have constantly needed a business accomplice and not a syndicated financial specialist. Our association with "business accomplice/financial specialist" is of an adventure together. There are four individuals who claim this organization me, SAIF, Alibaba, Alipay, says Vijay, in his typical enlivened way.

          Subsequent to building a billion dollar worth organization, keeping up the achievement is the most troublesome piece of the excursion and it is impossible without great collaboration, he says. For that, he guarantees that the correct individuals are taken locally available who have a similar energy to fabricate like his. He has additionally given 4% of his value to the group, which in current esteem terms is about $120 million.

          "I have offered more to my group than any measure of pay in total taken in such a variety of years, " Vijay says. What's more, why he did as such isn't difficult to get it. Given his own encounters and the intense battle he set up to accomplish where he has achieved, he values everybody who adds to making his vision. Individuals working in his organization are never alluded to as 'Representatives', however as "Partners" or 'Colleagues'. A staunch adherent of God, he trusts that just a single among each 10 dedicated individual prevails to the levels he today immovably has a place in, and in view of that regard he shares for each persevering individual, he doesn't have the privilege to call anybody a representative or a specialist.

          His battles are the motivation behind why he detests perusing fiction. How might one be roused by made up stories!

          Vijay stands declaration to the idiom, "A man makes his own particular predetermination."


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            Endeavour Entrepreneur

            What motivates their crazy minds to fight back, fight back and fight back till they win over?
            Endeavour is an organization that credits itself as pioneering the of entrepreneurship in market around the world. Endeavour aims to identify and support those entrepreneurs with the greatest potential for economic and social impact in their regions. Entrepreneurship always think about winning as they have a dream in their eyes as per their innovation, motivation for the business. Entrepreneurship means that they have to only focus on success and they will never give up. They always fight back for their threads and try to come over there opportunities. If an entrepreneur comes out with a unique idea in the market with passion and they innovative ideas.


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              Where do they get that energy ?
              If someone want to do entrepreneurship the first thing is that they should have innovative idea and good business plan. He should do complete market research of the product that he want to start up. The motivation plays an important role while doing any business or start up. The energy that entrepreneur gets its from hard work that he will do while starting a business . if he have passion for startup he can achieve success in his business and no one can stop him to become a successful Entrepreneur . It just all about passion and hard work .


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                What motivate their crazy minds to fight back, fight back and fight back till they win over?

                According to me "WIN" is the mantra for entrepreneurs. They don't win in first attempt. its all the failure that makes them the winner. Failure itself motivates them to fight again and again to reach their goal. They are crazy, they are not afraid to die but instead want to see the scenario behind death. They find out the simple questions how, when, where, why and this finally leads them to success.Motivation is not what comes from external environment but its all about "SELF-MOTIVATION".

                There are many such examples which shows how an entrepreneur learn from failure and their failure woks as a motivational factor to their success. They chase their dream to come up with the innovation they thought off, they are always ready to face the consequences because they know their positive spirit will let them win.The spirit and zeal to fight again and again against every odds makes them a winner and come up as an examples to whole world.


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                  Who is a creator?

                  A creator is the one responsible for the creation of an idea. Creator has to make something new. He brings something new into the stage and shows it to the whole world. Like entrepreneur create a new business and life style. They can change the way an individual thinks. Their innovation positively affects the communities. Successful people don’t stop doing hard work. They think about creation everytime. They have to do work hard. They have to use their knowledge. Creator focuses on something innovative to work upon.


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                    What motivate their crazy minds to fight back, fight back and fight back till they win over?
                    Entrepreneurs are the person who has passion and zeal to achieve their goals and objective. They never give up upon their dream. Most of the time entrepreneur don’t get success in their first attempt and get failed. But this failure pushes them more to achieve more and get success in the upcoming future. They never retreat from their idea or their aim. They are someone who is never down but gains self-motivation. They always learn from their own failure and move towards the success. They are passionate to contribute towards the society. They are the one who has risk-taking and passionate towards their dream. So, they achieve a higher position. They never lose but either succeed or learn.


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                      Who are these creatures?
                      Entrepreneurs, are the creator and always think about future opportunities they thought to accomplish something critical. They never give up. They know how to lead the world, they are inferred through the internal inspiration of being somebody known to everybody. The energy to accomplish something remarkable propels them and keep them alive. They go for broke that a normal society find practically unimaginable. They make an incentive from nothing and above all determines esteem includes past cash. They are the one with the capacity of taking danger at wright time, with the full energy to accomplish their task.


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                        What derive them to take risks that ordinary folk find almost impossible?
                        Following are the few points which drive an entrepreneur to take risk and make everything possible:-
                        • Opportunistic:- An entrepreneur is very opportunistic, it means they see opportunity in all those thing where other people see problems.
                        • Meaning:- they just give a new meaning to every problem by an opportunity realisation out of it and finding a solution to it.
                        • Innovation:- they innovate something new out of scrap and realise the opportunity.
                        • Commitment:- their commitment to them, to their new idea, to the society gives them strength to never give up.
                        • they simply focus upon the final result or the solution to their problems, they don’t think how much tough it will be to achieve.
                        • Just do it:- their main motivation is their own passion inside them for the work they are doing. They simply have a “JUST DO IT” attitude which helps them to get the destiny.
                        • they have a very good leadership quality which help them to take the initiative and also to make others to grow.


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                          What drive entrepreneur to take risk which are almost impossible?

                          To start with thing what a business visionary have is that they have a reasonable business objective with them and they are comprehending what sort of hazard and yield they need to confront. To set a significant objective a business person must comprehend what they need with what and what they will go out on a limb. The majority of the business person begin their business to seize here and now openings without considering long haul technique.

                          A fruitful business visionary ought to make the move from a strategic to a key introduction with the goal that they can start to manufacture critical abilities and assets that what they will do. It is anything but difficult to knock off an imaginative item, however a creative business framework is substantially harder to recreate in genuine. Business people who would like to transform under-qualified representatives into star entertainers are quite often frustrated. At the point when business people don't stop to consider culture, their organizations create one by chance instead of by plan.


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                            Who are these Creatures?

                            These creatures are called Endeavour Entrepreneur. They thrive to be successful in whatever they do irrespective of the nature of the task. They are highly optimistic and ready to accept and make change. They are the discoverers and inventors who are restless until they solve the problem. For them entrepreneurship is not self employment rather it is a lifestyle for them. Today we have witnessed several of these entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Ritesh Agarwal, APJ Abdul Kalam etc. They have lived their life to make world a better place to live.


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                              Endeavour entrepreneurs

                              Who are these creatures?

                              These are not extraordinary human. They don’t possess any special powers. They are just like you and me. Just like us, the only thing that sets them apart are their grit to deal with situations. Their grit to pursue their dreams. They just don’t know what giving up really is.

                              When the people around them starts to pull them back, they come up new zeal to fight back and win the race. These are people who knows that the entrepreneur’s journey won’t be a walk in the park, there are risks that can ruin them. Still they move forward.

                              They make mistakes, many of them, but each mistakes gives them new learning and experience.

                              These are not creatures from another dimension. They are one of us who dare to face the odds.


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                                Arpita Ganesh
                                Arpita Ganesh or more popularly known as the ‘Indian Bra Lady’, found her calling in a unique vocation – creating a lingerie brand that will help women find their right size, fits and styles, all at affordable prices. After experiencing a bra-fitting session in New York, Arpita was ready to leave her 10 years long career in advertising to make a dent in the Indian lingerie market. She founded Buttercups in 2008, India’s first high-end lingerie brand that retailed international labels and provided personalised sizing, to fitting, to consultations based on one’s requirements.
                                The start-up has provided fitting sessions to more than 3000 women, and was crowd funded in its early stages. This year, in June, it raised angel funding from Kanwaljit Singh, Angie Mahtaney and others. Buttercups is proof that anything done with passion, however challenging it may be, will find takers.
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