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    1. “why consumers shop online”, Thau Barbara , October 8,2013

    · The research was carried out to analyse the reason behind the preference and inclination of customers towards online shopping rather than physical retail.A focus was also given to find the relation between the price of the products and the buying trend by segregating products into various categories. According to the data gathered over the course of study 24% of the customers used price as the criteria to buy products ,especially vanguard products, while 18 % considered the price before purchasing new frontier products. The primary inference that can be drawn from the study the perception of the customer is inclined in a positive manner towards online shopping mainly because of the convinence factor available along with cost effectiveness.

    2. A Study on “The impact of online shopping upon retail trade business”,Saha Amit

    · The research was carried out to analyze the effect of the advent of e-tailing on profitability of physical retail stores and the strategies adopted by retailers to cope up with the same. The advent of e-tailing has reduced the profitability of retailers mainly operating into apparel industry and small scale electronic gadget industry. Retailers have adopted various sales promotion tools to counter this by offering price discounts and service related augmentation like home delivery and credit facilities .




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      1. Analysis of Online Shopping Behaviour of Customer in Kota City.

      The most preferred product of online buying is travelling tickets and clothing remains the least preferred choice of online shoppers.
      Among the payment options, Payment on delivery through cash in the safest choice of payment, while credit card are next preferred choice, online bank transfer is least preference choice.
      Online shoppers seek for clear information about product and service, time saving, convenience, security and delivery on time are all important factor for online shopping.
      The offers with punch lines “Attractive offers” do not attract online shoppers.
      Most of the consumers who have experienced online shopping are very satisfied.
      More govt support needed for improvement.

      Fruitful web based business includes understanding the restrictions and limiting the negative effect.

      Since web engineers have dropped down the costs for their administrations, it has turned out to be more moderate for private companies to utilize the World Wide Web to offer their items.

      Web based business can lead any business on the web and by means of the Internet to express. Numerous methods have been produced as of late and are relied upon to develop more than this.

      By web based business, the trading of data identified with the buy and deal, required data for the vehicle of products with less exertion, trade amongst banks and clients will be quicker. Organizations to speak with each other haven't confinement and their connection to each other should be possible simpler and quicker.
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        Entrepreneurship is a consistent process of being inspired and plays a very important role in economic development and brings significant changes in the market. The study factor that affect entrepreneurial development in the wake of changing business scenario in Indian perspective. The impact of entrepreneurial education is mostly on youth and various exogenous factor effecting entrepreneurial orientations like cultural background family business background and their emotional intelligence.


        In these competitive world training plays and important role in the competing challenging of is the nerve that suffices the need of fluent and smooth functioning of work which helps in organizational development of the company.developement is the process that leads to qualitative as well as quantative advancement in the organization espically at the managerial level and it is less consider ed with physical skills and it is more concerned with knowledge ,values, attitude, and behavior in addition to specific skills. Development can be said as acontinuous process and traning has specific area and objectives.traning implies constructive development in such organizational motives for improvement of quality of work life of the employees.
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          Review of Literature on Recruitment and Selection
          For hiring effective leaders begins with having a recruiting and selection process that is sustainable. The work reveals similarities in historical and traditional process concerning effective hiring. This work is guided by three theories:- objective theory of job choice, subjective theory of job choice and work itself theory of job choice. Recruiting refers to overall process of attracting, appointing suitable candidates for jobs in the organization. Recruitment can also refers to process involved in choosing individual for unpaid position such as voluntary roles or unpaid trainee roles. Selection is the process of picking up individuals with requisite qualification and competence to fill jobs in the organizations. In selection process is that differentiating between applicants in order to identify and hire those with a greater likelihood of success in the job.

          Review of Literature on Value Added Tax (VAT)
          Value added tax is a type of indirect tax that is imposed on goods and services. When government operates to increase its revenue in order to finance its budget deficit. India had finally imposed on 1st April 2005 at a rate of 12.5%. The tax rate is fixed by meeting of different state level finance minister, in New Delhi, t designed the accounting more transparent, to cut shortcut trade barriers and boost tax revenue. The tax is levied not only on products but services that is the source of the revenue of the government to plan the development activities in the country. The government imposed taxes and duty charges on the people for fulfilling the infrastructural, technological, entrepreneurial demand of the country. The rural people are charged more tax than urban people due to subsided rate provided to them in food products, transportation, electricity, water etc for these facilities they are charged indirectly from their source of incomes like agricultural and allied activities. VAT is omnipresent in all goods and services provided to the customers. The importance of value added tax in the Indian society, its impact and the future prospects for the product and service industry in India.


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            1. Impact of Advertisement on Buying Behaviors of the consumers: Study of Cosmetic Industry in Karachi City.

            authors details

            1) Samar Fatima (2) Samreen Lodhi – Jinnah University for Women

            This particular research was conducted to find out the impact of advertisements on the buying behavior of the people in cosmetic industry. Study reveals that there are two important variables which can influence the buying behaviors of the people but these two factors are not solely reason to change the behaviors of the consumers rather they can contributing in changing the behaviors of the consumers. Research was conducted under the premises of the Karachi boundaries and 200 respondents were targeted who use various kinds of cosmetics. products from different brands. Results tell that advertisements are useful in coating the awareness among the consumers. TVCs and billboards are widely used by the different marketing departments of the cosmetic companies which are targeting above the line through these medium. Their ads contain enough information to attract the consumers as well as create the awareness in the mind of the customers.

            YOUTH SMOKING
            Authors details a. Hana Ross, Ph.D.,
            b. Hana Ross, Ph.D.,
            The results of this analysis indicate that higher cigarette prices would result in substantial
            reductions in both smoking participation and average cigarette consumption among high school
            students. For example, if state average prices would rise by $0.50 (i.e. 26.5%), the youth cigarette
            demand can decline by 17.5 percent: participation would drop from 27.8 to 24.8 percent and the
            average monthly consumption would decrease from 139 to 130 cigarettes. However, the choice of
            price variable in an equation affects the predicted reaction among high school smokers. Given the
            price measures advantages, disadvantages and their subsequent performance in the cigarette
            demand function, the most appropriate prices for the data at hand are State Average Price and
            both Average Perceived Prices.


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              Research Review
              Research1: - Automobile Industry In India: An Analytical Overview


              Mobility has become a modern day need of Homosapien as globalisation has gained a significant acknowledgement in the minds of modern technically advance humans, transportation has become a need of the time and hence the automobile industry.
              If we look at our nation's perspective in a staggering research we found that automobile industry currently provides for 7% of our country GDP, due to the fact of the availability of disposable income in the hands of middle-class household of India. The major players in Indian market Are Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, TVs, Bajaj, Mahindra, Mercedes, Toyota, Renault, Audi, Nissan, Volkswagon, BMW, Honda, Fiat, Hyundai, Mitsubishi Motors, Gm, Skoda, Ford. At present India is breaking the inhibitions of the world as a developing nation and heading towards a developed nation with its world class technology, market and consumer power. The Indian automobile industry provides direct employment to 1 million people and indirect employment to 18 million people in the country.
              Current market trends in automobile industry and its global comparison
              • Largest three-wheeler market
              • Second largest two-wheeler market
              • Tenth largest passenger car market
              • Fourth largest tractor market
              • Fifth largest commercial vehicle market
              • Fifth largest bus and truck segment

              The automobiles sector is categorised in four different sectors which are as follows:
              • Two-wheelers which comprise of mopeds, scooters, motorcycles and electric two-wheelers
              • Three Wheelers that are passenger carriers and goods carriers.
              • Passenger Vehicles which include passenger cars, utility vehicles and multi-purpose vehicles
              • Commercial Vehicles that are light and medium-heavy vehicles
              The dominant products of the industry are two-wheelers with a market share of over 81% and passenger vehicles with a market share of about 13%. Commercial vehicles and three-wheelers share about 6% of the market between them. About 91% of the vehicles sold are used by households and only about 9% for commercial purposes

              Research 2: - Research On Indian Table Sauce Industry

              The table sauces market is one of the rapidly growing markets in food services sector in India. Due to increase standard of living and changing lifestyle, the demand for sophisticated taste in the meal becomes an emerging trend of the food industry that makes the positive impact on table sauces market. According to “India Table Sauces Market Overview”, India’s table sauces market is predictable to increase at a CAGR of 18% over six years
              To summarise further the following points are precise.
              • India's table sauces market is predictable to increase at a CAGR of 18% over six years
              • Nestle's Maggi, Kissan, Heinz, Ching's, Fun Foods, Remia, Del Monte, Sil, Tops and Tabasco are driving the organised table sauces market.
              • Tomato ketchup & sauce dominates the table sauce market, followed by Chinese sauce along with its various variants
              • Metro cities of India account for a considerable market share in the sales of table sauces products, with various variants are growing rapidly among upper-middle-class consumers
              • Report includes the segmental market analysis by product type which is categorised as follows
              1. Tomato Ketchup & Sauce
              2. Chinese Sauces
              3. Hot Sauces
              4. Pizza, Pasta & Barbeque Sauces
              5. Mayonnaise
              6. Salad Dressing
              • This market covers bottled /packaged ambient; tomato ketchup, salad dressing, mayonnaise, mustard, brown, soy, pizza pasta sauce and other table sauces.
              • Market value and volume comprise sales through all retail channels including direct to consumer.
              • The most prominent players in sauce industry operating in India are,
              1. Nestle India Limited
              2. Hindustan Unilever Limited
              3. Fieldfresh Foods Private Limited
              4. Capital Foods Limited
              5. Dr Oetker India Pvt. Ltd.
              6. Chemical Food Industries Pvt. Ltd


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                The study done by – zella king simon burke jim
                Pemberton on august 1 ,2005

                Review of literature on human capital –
                Human capital is the term which describes the economic value of employee’s skill, knowledge, capability, and talent. Although the value of these assets might not show up directly on a company’s balance sheet, it nevertheless has tremendous impact on an organization’s performance.
                Human capital is intangible and cannot be managed the way organizations manage jobs, products, and technologies. One reason why is because employees, not the organization, own their own human capital. If valued employees leave a company, they take their human capital with them, and any investment the company has made in training and developing these people is lost

                The study done by Harry, Mikel J. at may 1998.

                Review of literature on six sigma –
                Six Sigma quality is a set of principles and practices whose core ideas include understanding customer needs, doing things right the first time, and striving for continuous improvement.
                Six sigma is a process is used to translate the need of customer into a set of optimal task that are performed in concerned with one another
                These are some of approach which is done with help of six Sigma-
                1. Improving processes.
                2. Lowering defects.
                3. Reducing process variability.
                4. Reducing cost.
                5. Increasing customer satisfaction.
                6. Increasing profit.
                Six Sigma is a most important process for an organization to satisfy the customer in fast time. If an organization will give the chance to customer for complaining about any product so it can be one of the negative effects on customer but with help of six sigma any organization can improve the quality of product on fast time. Improving the quality at fast time is not easy task but it can be possible with the help of six sigma.

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                  The Effect of Digital Marketing Communication on Customer Loyalty


                  The cost efficiency and diversity channels facilitate marketers’ frequent and interactive communication with their customers. Digital channels like Internet, email, mobile phones and digital television offer new prospects to cultivate customer relationships. However, there are few models explaining how digital marketing communication (DMC) works from a relationship marketing perspective, especially for cultivating customer loyalty. It provides key elements of (DMC) – frequency and content of brand communication, personalization, and interactive – can lead to improved customer value, commitment, and loyalty.

                  Source: -
                  [ ]

                  Organizational Development and Change


                  The topic under consideration is organizational development, knowledge creation and change management. The main focus of this research is to see how the process of change management is affected by organizational development and knowledge creation. In order to get an overall view of that these broad areas are their relationship with each other, a literature review was conducted.
                  Research have been done how over the year’s people have moved from organizational development to a more holistic view which is change management. According to this article the tools used in change management and organizational development are the same but the rationale behind it is different. The authors concluded that in order to increase the standard and the overall performance of the organization the company as to use the integrative strategies because when the employees are a part of the whole process the resistance to change is minimized.

                  Source: -
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                    K. Veerakumar
                    Assistant Professor in Commerce - BPS, NGM College (Autonomous), Pollachi,
                    Coimbatore, Tamilnadu
                    Research was done in Coimbatore and the sample size was 100 people .
                    The objective of study was to find out the demonetization concept in India , the profile of the respondent in the area and to identify the people impact on demonetization.
                    Demonetization is a process where government declares the currency running notes illegal to be tender after the declaration is made
                    The study found that , demonetization helps government to destroy black money in India. It helps to destroy corruption and illegal activities.
                    As research say that people got affected during the demonetization face. High impact on real state , gold rate and stock exchange. People started more use of electronic payment.

                    ASHOK KUMAR CHANDRA
                    DEVENDRA KUMAR SINHA
                    Research was done in bhilai durg and the sample size was 100 people .
                    Study found that, elderly people are not so keen to buy online . The most influencing factor for buying online is website design and features . second most influencing factor is convenience for buying and choosing the product . people can shop at any time and shopping online is not risky . But people check online price and offline price and prefer the cheaper platform .
                    It is greatly analysis that majority of the people prefer online website to take air and rail ticket . last but not the least, the quality of product and information are also considered the important factor .


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                      CONTRIBUTOR: Barbara Thau, Simon-Kucher & Partners

                      SAMPLE SIZE: 1000 customers

                      SAMPLES: Clients of the Consultancy

                      OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY:
                      • To find out the various factors making the customers shop online.

                      • To find the most influential factor

                      FINDINGS OF THE STUDY:

                      • Free shipping was the most influential factor for the customers to shop online.

                      • Convenience also matters to the customers as they can order anything just with a click.

                      • Variety of the products ordered online also delighted some of them.

                      • Low prices played an important role in the purchase health, beauty products and apparels.

                      • Better selection is the leading factor for food and beverage purchase.



                      PROBLEM STATEMENT: To study the impact of Social Media on yout.

                      CONTRIBUTOR: Ghulam Shabir, Ghulam Sabdar

                      SAMPLE SIZE: 300 youths

                      SAMPLE LOCATION: Bahawalpur City

                      OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY:
                      • To analyze how the social media influences youth’s social life.
                      • To assess the most beneficial and preferred form of social media for youth.
                      • To evaluate the attitude of youth towards social media and measure the time spend on social media.
                      FINDINGS OF THE STUDY:
                      • 49.3% youth responded for Facebook as their favorite social networking site.
                      • 43.45% youth responded that social media is important for them in the field of education.
                      • 41% were in the favor that spending time in social media is just a waste of time.
                      • 39.31% agreed that it’s deteriorating their social norms.
                      • 43.8% agree that social media is necessary for youth nowadays.


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                        Jitendra Kumar Singh and Dr. Mini Jain
                        This study is conducted to understand to know that how employee performance is related to job satisfaction in a company.
                        Objectives of the Study
                        • To identify the factors which influence the job satisfaction of employees?
                        • To identify the impact of employees’ job satisfaction on their performance.
                        • To identify the factors which improve the satisfaction level of employees?
                        Worker execution is identified with the occupation fulfillment in light of the fact that if representatives are happy with their employment then if will straightforwardly reflect in their execution they will give their 100 percent in their employment and at last organization will be profited. Representative mentalities normally mirror the lesson of the organization Job fulfillment speaks to a standout amongst the most complex ranges confronting today's directors with regards to dealing with their workers. Arrangement creators and chiefs have turned their consideration regarding give various types of offices to their workers so as to fulfill their representatives. A decent workplace and great work conditions can build representative occupation fulfillment and the workers will attempt to give their best which can expand the representative work execution.

                        A Study on Changing Trends in Online Shopping of Indian Consumers in Apparel Segment
                        This study is conducted to understand the online shopping behavior of the consumers and to identify the factors influencing the busying behavior of customers.
                        1. To examine the emerging trends in apparel shopping in India.
                        2. To study the preferences of the people in online shopping .
                        1.People who belong to the age group of 20-22 shop online more often than people of other age groups.
                        2.People who are undergraduates shop online more often than a post graduate or any other qualified person.
                        3.The respondent’s family income affects the online buying behavior.
                        4.While shopping apparel online the respondents prefer that online retailer who has a better return policy and the ability to compare the products in the website that is the online site should be user friendly.
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