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Your library is your portrait. – Holbrook Jackson

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We say that books are the best friends of the students. You can loose everything but no one can take away the knowledge that you gain from the books. Library is fully equipped with latest journals and magazines, audio visual aids. It is committed to providing widest possible access to the information and this commitment is very much reflected in the wide range of books and e-books. Library offers 10000 books and 10000 e-books. The resource addresses the interest and the needs of the members. It plays a proactive role & transforms it from being just a storehouse of books & journals into a dynamic information centre that facilitates the building of intellectual capital of the institute.

The Library offers:
• 10,000 books
• 20 Journals
• Audio visual aids
• Networked study points


It’s a perfect platform for work and study, a place where business and the smartest academic thinking can meet. As a result you’ll notice a real buzz in the air as you walk through these facilities and use them.

This hive of activity is supported by a wide range of social facilities. Students have a choice of dining areas including the café for snacks and The Hub for hot food.


Library offers 10000 books and 10000 e-books.

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