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Your Curriculum:

At Taxila Business School, we believe management is a noble calling—one that can change lives, change organizations, and change the world.Our culture and academic environment produce a global community of leaders that possess the skills and knowledge to embrace challenge and change.The Taxila PGDM Program will empower you to reach your full potential. Yes, you will be challenged by the rigor of the academic program. More important, however, you will learn about yourself and develop personal resources that will sustain you throughout your career. We will help you develop your vision and the substance required for achieving it.

Tailored Curriculum

Curriculum tailored to each student—your background, your work experience, your career aspirations.
A variety of learning methods including traditional case studies, global study trips, simulations, role-plays, immersion internships, and research opportunities.
Support from faculty advisors, leadership coaches, career advisors, and student life advisors.
Here, you will gain strong management fundamentals and the ability to tailor learning.
First-year Management Foundations courses offer a menu of choices in each required discipline, calibrated to your skills, experience, and future goals.
Throughout your PGDM experience, you also can incorporate courses
We can help you reach your goals faster.
Diverse Teaching Methods
How we teach is clearly different and an advantage.
You will learn through projects, simulations, prototyping, role-playing scenarios, global immersions, and case studies, as well as from your classmates’ rich backgrounds.The Taxila PGDM Program purposely structures your experience to support active collaboration with classmates and faculty in small, connected groups.Close connections with faculty enable you to delve deeply into cutting-edge research and groundbreaking ideas.