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Students & Alumni Speak: Taxila Business School

We believe the best reflection of our school is how our students feel. We are happy and successful only when they are happy and successful. Students regularly tell us about their experience of studying at Taxila. Below are just a few of the comments we have received.
Tania Sharma (Batch 2015-2017)
1st Semester Dec 25,2015

“Taxila taught me planning, I was never a planner but then I thought why not give it a try and inevitable happened people could see new me, Now I am a proud planner.The credit goes to Taxila.
Its just six months and it was a grand experience.”

Aditya Sharma (Batch 2015-2017)
1st Semester Dec 28, 2015 Click to
After working for 2.5 years in corporate sector at Mumbai I realized the need of doing the good management program.
“I’m a firm believer in seizing the initiative and making things happen, and my Taxila experience has taught me that, if you’re confident resourceful and creative, there are opportunities and support out there if you look for them.
If you are not at Taxila you are missing something Big.”

Anu Dhaka (Batch 2015-2017)
1st Semester Dec 24, 2015

I worked for Google India and American Express for 3 years. I experienced and learnt a lot but realized that there is much to see out there and no job can get me that but by education.

“Throughout your journey of transformation there will be times when you are pushed beyond your comfort zone, when your business acumen and interpersonal skills are truly put to the test. It is through these moments of truth that you will achieve new levels of confidence and credibility.

Tf you are looking to grow as a person believe you me Taxila is a place for you because here you will invest less & will take away a lot”.

Hemlata Tekwani
(Batch 2015-2017)
Dec 10th,2015
“Today I am an independent girl who thinks she can rule over and do anything in this world , curriculum in Taxila forces you to be more innovative and creative.Taxila has helped me in enhancing my skills and developing my personality.
The exhilarating combination of intensive learning, practical application and personal development will sharpen your skills,boost your performance and give you the clarity to plot the next, decisive phase of your career.
Taxila has actually brought me more closer to my dreams”.

Priyanka Sen
(Batch 2015-2017)
1st Semester
Dec 11th, 2015
“The most facination thing I found about Taxila is 15 hours studies.The real life field research work, workshops,Case studies.Faculty’s from different sectors to change you completely.
Taxila trains the students to outshine the crowd & to have the unique persona .Taxila not only teaches students to have big pocket but to have big heart too.
Studing at Taxila is my Pride.”

Urvashi Parmar
(Batch 2008-2010)
Aug 12th, 2010
“Hi…I am Urvashi Parmar, I am working with Indusand Bank & I am really thankful to Taxila & faculties who have actually supported me a lot in my grand achievements and best things. I got here lots of love and affection with many golden opportunities to prove my talent and grooming it.”
Urvashi Parmar

Pallavi Singh (Batch 2008-2010)
Sep 8th, 2010
“It was good experience b’coz now I’m an MBA which is a prestigious degree and an asset to my life. As far as college experience is concerned as long as students are getting good output everything is fine. They are putting a lot of effort to groom college & students so I’m happy to get admitted at the place where I learned and developed a lot.
Rest all of us “Taxila-ites” are trying to become best professional to ensure that we can assist college in future.”
Pallavi Singh
Convergys services India Pvt. ltd.

Varsha Chandraroop (Batch 2008-2010)
Sep 8th,2010
“Hi.. this is Varsha. It’s been an amazing experience in Taxila. Hostel life was the best! I learnt a lot of things like patience, the attitude and not to forget the most important thing “fighting spirit”. I am presently working in bank of America as an associate in finance.
All the best Taxila!”
Bank of America

Suman Rani (Batch 2008-2010)
Sep 14th, 2010
“Hello..I am Suman Rani. It’s very pleasant to say that I am a Taxila’s alumni. In Taxila really I learnt a lot through the Taxila’s faculties. Our career is shining like gold. I miss the campus, faculty and all. This respected college poured me with lot of skills and etiquettes. Taxila is not only offering MBA+PGDBM but also providing the safe and sound environment. I was educated but now I can say that I am full of knowledge.
Thank you”
Suman Rani
SWE-Welfare Society, Australia

Preeti Shukla (Batch 2008-2010)
Sep 8th, 2010
“So, here I am, finally at the edge of completion of MBA. It was a nice experience and beneficial too studying in Taxila business school. I am placed in a prestigious company “Gravita India Ltd.” This is a manufacturing firm. Taxila supported a lot in bringing good companies to our campus & put all effort to make us placed.
I feel proud at this place along with my MBA degree I am holding around eight months experience into HR.
Preeti Shukla
Executive HR
Gravita India Ltd.

Rahul Patle (Batch 2008-2010)
Aug 13th, 2010
“Well, I am Rahul Patle & writing about Taxila is the toughest job because I think it is not the king but the king maker. Right now I am working with Aayam Herbal & Research Industries at the package of 4 lakh’s per annum. I have learned a lot from my teachers & colleagues. Here, you learn things in such a way that you can implement it for your whole life.”
Rahul Patle
Sales Manager,
Aayam Herbal & Research Industries

Chitrak Rajawat (Batch 2008-2010)
Aug 10th,2010
“I am really proud that I am associated with the fastest growing business school of India.
The things that I have learned from this place are really out of trend for other business schools.
I am really thankful of Taxila team, for creating a professional out of me.”
Chitrak Rajawat
Varun Beverages Ltd. (PEPSI)

Aanchal Joshi (Batch 2008-2010)
Aug 11th, 2010
“I am really happy with the services provide to me by Taxila. I have learned a lot from this college. I am happy with the education provided to me and placement as well. Taxila has given me a very good start in my career.”
Aanchal Joshi
Activant Solutions