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Support Taxila
Taxila Business School is a privately funded institution whose activities are entirely supported by individuals, corporations, and foundations who share our vision of creating a world class, research driven institution for India and the world. We are a registered non-profit organisation.
The School must provide resources and facilities that nurture innovative research. And to maintain our distinctive research perspective and retain talent, we must provide an environment where learning can thrive. By supporting Taxila through funding, partnerships, and patronage, you invest in today’s students and thereby have an impact on the future of the region and the world.
As a donor, you can invest in Taxila with your time, talent and resources to strengthen our cause. Donors will be acknowledged in all Taxila communication channels such as our Annual Report, newsletters, website, and more, providing you with visibility and goodwill.
Whatever be the size, your contribution influences the Taxila community in some way. In turn, you get to connect with top talent in the school, network with other Taxila partners, and leave a legacy for the business community.
India, despite being the home to exciting new markets, is represented by only a handful of schools among the world’s best. Most management research currently done focuses primarily on the western markets. Precious little is known about the region touted to be the future economic power. Taxila was set up with the purpose of filling this need for a top class, research-driven institution based in India.
Our vision is to be an internationally top-ranked, research-driven, independent management institution that grooms future leaders for India and the world. In business as in life, proficient partnerships contribute immensely to progress. The Taxila Business School is the result of collaboration between committed individuals, corporate and academics. A world-class facility, global curriculum, international faculty and an acknowledged standard of student body have taken Taxila to new realms of recognition in a short span of six years. Yet this task well begun can gain momentum only with support from organisations and business leaders with verve and vision.

Some of our plans on the anvil include:
Creating an infrastructure to support research and knowledge dissemination
Establishing Centres of Excellence in the areas of Leadership and Change Management, and Strategic,Marketing
Preparing and publishing contemporary case studies
Creating chairs for eminent academicians
Granting awards to recognise excellence among students
Instituting scholarships to worthy students who wish to study at the Taxila
Increasing the number of student exchange programmes with other business schools around the world
To achieve these, we need your support.

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