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  • 5352 hours of Class room training ( From 9.0Am to midnight)
  • 900 hours of corporate internships( Three internships)
  • 360 hours of Student Exchange Program
  • 110 hours of live paid projects
  • 100% campus placements 6 months before the course completion

There is number of records available that says that mere good academics are not going to pay you in your career path, corporate managers are looking for something extra. And the million dollar question is what is this extra??? This extra is Development and honing of analytical skills so that decision making gets fast Development and mastery of people-leading and people-management skills, which is all about designing and human relations

Development and deepening of life-long personal and professional relationships, as it is all about team and relationships PGDM is one professional course that opens up more doors for you. More knowledge means you are capable of doing more things and you would be looked upon highly in the business world. This increases your awareness, your learning and you will reap profits for lifetime if you know how to leverage it.Today corporate is looking forward to those who know how to produce highly valued accomplishments and PGDM/MBA will serve as an entry ticket to many organizations.

You have chance to meet thought leaders, corporate executives and visionaries who come and speak. If you connect with them and build on that relationship, you have an unfair competitive advantage.PGDM is not just a professional course but a career choice and it makes you different and it is this differentiation which is been recognized and is waited for in corporate jungle.

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