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Taxila Experience

Their is a saying "Success doesn't come from your comfort zone"
Heard lot about it but after coming to Taxila I learned the actual meaning of this. 12 hours of classes daily but it's not the deal it's the quality that matters 12 hours of quality studies that's what I got from Taxila.
In a short span of 3 months I may very well have given over 50 presentations, organized events, did market surveys, Invited students for events, Sold vegetables. Said all these what did I Learned from these activities?
- l learned working in a team to achieve my goals
- I learned how to tackle problems and coming with viable solutions
- I learned the importance of believing in ourselves that we are better than anyone else
- I learned despite attending 12 hours of classes I have time for my work and for myself
- I learn

College life is fun when you have awesome friends, Amazing seniors and outstanding faculties who are always their to guide you.

In the end I would say
We Party a lot
We Eat a lot
We Study a lot
We Organize a lot
We Achieve a lot
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