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Being a management student in Jaipur

As humans evolved, they started creating & inventing miraculous things, after a certain point arose the need of managing all that was known and created, management has been around ever since, management has grown its roots to the deepest reach as we see around today, the two main pillars holding the human evolution are the technical advancements and management at every stage of life & corporate, this altogether implies Corporate groups are showing an accelerated urge of employing skilled and well-trained MBA/PGDM aspirants for a better growth perspective . As this is a golden era one must say looking at the regional growth trend of which we are a major part too. We see expansion, startups & foreign corporate investment happening nowadays in numbers like never before. It’s the skill set and the knowledge that an individual is trained during their MBA /PGDM that helps them to perform, excel and be adaptive to change to attain the growing need of the corporate world.
Being associated with one such esteem college providing PGDM in the geographical region of Jaipur Rajasthan, it's by my experience and the analysis of the stats provided in various research conducted regarding if "Jaipur is the right place if one wants to pursue MBA/PGDM". Well, these are certain points which will help know if it's true or argument available.
• First is the geographic placing of the city is commercially crucial, also being the capital the industrial revolution was rapid if we take a look at past 10 years stats.
• Jaipur is the growing hub of new startups, as mentioned in a recent survey 1 in every 3 MBA student is moving towards start up, breaking the conventional mindset and creating job opportunities,
• The city is on a fast track of development and so is the nation, the study standards in such crucial times need to be very efficient and the same is been acknowledged by the colleges in Jaipur and accomplished with no space for mistakes and flaws.
The aim is to provide corporate donors to the world, dedicated to providing and eager to excel.

Nowadays there is a perception building in the student's mind who wish to make a career in management, that " nowadays MBA is more like “MAAL BECK KE AAO”.
No, I most certainly don’t think that MBA is more like “MAAL BECH KE AAO”. There is a twofold justification to this. First, It is a well-known fact that profit or wealth maximisation is the primary objective of any firm and sales generate the necessary revenue.But, sales is entirely dependent upon production which in turn is dependent upon finance function and the source of funding and all these functions are supported by the personnel or the employees of the organisation. Thus, we can state that sales are interlinked to various functions and organisation is integration or an amalgamation of all such functions where all are crucial to attaining the objectives of an organisation. Second, MBA focuses on all the functions necessary for a business to survive and thrive including sales. MBA is a professional degree which inculcates the skills required to run businesses or make decisions that are crucial for a business to grow and sustain in the current market scenarios. With a focus on a wide variety of skills pertaining to different roles and responsibilities carried out in any organisations, MBA is not limited to one specific function. Yes, MBA involves learning skills required to sell products but it gives due and equal weight age to all the other functions. It is not MAAL BECH KE AAO, it is “MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION.

An MBA aspirants should know some major points like study criteria, about faculties, average and maximum placements of the students, culture of the college campus and some USP’s what they are searching for their MBA College according to their preferences before choosing an MBA college because next 2 years will decide their career and mauled their life.
There are so many challenges a student face during and completing of course like adopting a whole new culture if a student is of different culture, new examination pattern and study criteria because most of the time it happens with the students that they come from state boards and central board where the examination pattern and study criteria is different and sometimes it is seen that some students have to suffer from the spoken language due to their mother tongue influence this are the major challenges a student suffer.

#Taxila it got more then just a modern B'School

There is an old saying "To reach a certain place one must first leave the place he is presently standing at ", I am an automobile engineer & a good one in the same to be honest, my journey after my graduation began with a job experience of about a year, everything was going absolutely good, monthly salary used to come in my bank account, I used to enjoy working in the field I love the most but there is yet another saying in corporate life , "when everything is going right you are likely to hit an iceberg" due to some family issues I was getting trouble continuing my job efficiently . So I decided let's not waste time and efforts rather follow yet another dream I had to study masters in management & hence started my hunt for an awesome B'School .

While this hunt when I started looking around websites I was at first glance confused , all the top rated B schools were so expensive to even consider studying there I needed to literally count even the last penny I could possibly have even in my pyjamas. So I then started looking towards the budget colleges . Again I was looking at some really budget colleges now and the only feel I could get was "boss itne mai itna he mileage ", well my search went on for weeks and months . After two months probably in the month of march I came across and what I found there was going to be my future place of belonging, I found Taxila Business School , amazingly the B-school was in my home town, offering a PGDM duel degree , in the budget I was willing to spend & most of all just next to the school I passed my high-schooling from, let me tell you old sayings had very deep impacts it was like the old Hindi quote "Diya tale adhera "to me .

Without a seconds delay I registered for a counselling call from the college, at that point of time even I don't know down the line in next 3 months I will be studying in Taxila with some of the most diverse and intellectual mates from across the nation . Well after a week of waiting for the reply, one fine morning I received a call saying " hello am I talking to Mr.Nishank its Anuradha this side calling on behalf of Taxila Business School ,Jaipur". "I was literally waiting for this call " was exactly what I replied, then the conversation moved further and mam told me about all the details about the college and the study pattern we had a small telephonic interview session, then, at last, i asked one obvious question " mam everything is fine but why Taxila ??" I have some other option's like Delhi and Mumbai as well so why Taxila, mam replied "dear you should come and visit our college for once and you shell know what's the difference between Taxila and other B-schools .

Ten days later I planned a visit to the college as I also have to come in town regarding some official business. So I made a visit to the college, and the trail of surprises began to unfold , firstly the decorum of the campus was remarkable, the infra was good , and there were some students playing table tennis in the hall was , I approached them and started interacting with them about the college, the way they talked and the professionalism the had bond me to appraise the quality of teaching and training those students must be getting . After five-ten minutes I was called upon by Anuradha mam in here office, where I told here about the interaction with their students outside and posed a wish to know how is it so that students of your institute are such masters in communication and the personality they carry as a management student is just remarkable. Mam to its reply explained me the 14 hours/per day study schedule , training and development programs which are carried in the institute on a regular basis , corporate faculty to keep up with changing trends of market, and few other things. To be honest I was impressed and curious at the same time, interested in experiencing all those things said by mam and curious to find out is it really possible!! I mean a budget college in Jaipur is offering courses and educational training of the quality that of an IIM, no no..!! That can't be true, this was my honest first thought. Which I think mam sensed through some means and suddenly offered me to visit the campus to see for myself .

A student was called upon, he was Aditya Sharma sir, yet another gem of Taxila i must quote, the aura of the man was so impressive that one can get impressed just by the way he explains and communicates, he showed me through the entire college , and also told me about his personal experience in the college, basically he became the reason of my second visit to the college . After about a month later i visited the campus again as this time also my work brought me back to my home town , by this time I was 40% convinced with the college and wanted to be sure about the college before pouring in my year long savings in my further curriculums, this time again I met with Anuradha mam , Aditya sir and one mesmerizing person Mr.Kishor Sharma the director of Taxila business school .
About Kishor sir , I can bet on one thing he is the person in Taxila management , if I would have met him the very first day I sat foot in Taxila , i would have walked out as a registered student of Taxila that very day, because the moment you enter Taxila and talk to Kishor Sharma sir for just 5 min you yourself would feel like this conversation is going so interesting and knowledgeable I wish I could be in dialog with him for a bit longer and it's never enough the man is so precise and impressive in his talks , for me he is the USP for Taxila , in a short talk of 10 minutes he made me realize what I wanted to actually do with my life, I wasn't unsatisfied with my job because of my family issue it was because of that hidden desire of becoming an entrepreneur as was my childhood dream which was lost somewhere in the conventional process of growing up , he is one excellent analyst of a person I must say .
After that 10 min talk with him the moment I stepped out the office, I was determined to take admission in the college all clouds cleared , i wanted to be in Taxila knowing that if the director is so determined I am going to get the best of the best trainers to guide me to be not jus good but an excellent manager & somewhere inside I wanted to learn how to convert a 40% to 100% in just 10 min, I have been dealing with clients every time in my profile of job I knew what it takes to convince a person of something . So finally I took admission in Taxila .
It has been five months now I am a Taxilian , in these 5 months, I have transformed and improved some of the areas of lagging I needed to work on and have even polished and groomed furthermore my strengths . During the course of time in Taxila so far i have learned a lot , one of the important learning i received amongst all other equally important points was convincing communication skills, while our field assignments we were told a Taxilian should be confident enough to crack a deal or to influence a person just by his communication skills , he need not to give any prove or id his face and the way he speaks should say it all and if anyone needs it to be proved to them I assure you can try it anytime . We have conducted several one of their kind events in Jaipur city like start-up India fest , mega job pool , etc and the best part all the management was done by the batch which is just 3 months into the management program and all a big success .

In Taxila by far, i have learned many things & all led to one famous dialogue of Rajkapoor Saheb " khudi ko karr buland itna ke haar kismat se phle khuda khud bande se pooche, bta teri razah kya hai "