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Taxila;a new journey

i joined Taxila Business School on 21st of july.Walked in with dreams and curiousity, looking forward towards the new ride life had thrown at me.Hectic schedule which i intiatially thought was just something to glorify the institute came out as reality which was nervewracking at first but became a part and parcel of my life as time went by.with more surprises to be unboxed,i came to know that academics was not the only primary area which was focused up on in this institute.i encountered a 360 degree oppurtunity to excel both in academic curriculam as well as the exposure to real life market scenario and to grow at all possible it the visit by renowned faces who offered their deep sea of knowledge or various events that i and my collegues were bestowed with the responsibilty to organise,it all enculcated a feeling of confidence as well as helped me to indulge in a never ending process of learning.constant tasks have helped me develop analytical skills as well as with the ability to find opportunities where others see end .
it has been just four months and still, i feel as if this institute is an integral part of my life and that is because i have been nurtured to improvise and to come out as a better person.i have learnt,i have grown and would become better as days pass by in this institute.
i take pride in being a part of this institute.